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How the Georgia Points System Works in Penalizing Drivers for Traffic Violations

The Georgia Department of Driving Services (DDS) maintains a point system to keep track of the traffic violations motorists commit. If you accumulate too many points within a certain amount of time, you could face suspended or revoked driving privileges.

The following are the number of points you can receive before your license is suspended depending on your age:

  • Under 18: Four total points within one year
  • Under 21: Any single violation worth four points
  • 21 or older: 15 points within two years

These points can stem from a variety of traffic violations, such as speeding, failing to stop at a traffic light or stop sign, reckless driving, failure to wear a seatbelt and moving violations.

Major violations lead to suspensions, other consequences

More serious infractions include street racing, hit and run, using a vehicle to cause serious injury, and committing a felony with a motor vehicle. Those found guilty of any of these offenses will almost certainly lose their license for at least several months, if not much longer. In some cases, the state may revoke a person’s license permanently.

As you can see, accumulating too many traffic violations on your record in a short amount of time could leave you without a driver’s license. This, in turn, could negatively affect your ability to go to work, attend school or meet your other personal or professional obligations. If you are in danger of losing your license, call the Law Offices of Melvin S. Nash at 770.422.0878 or contact us online today.


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