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Child Sex Abuse Litigation Attorney Defends Your Rights in Marietta, GA

Protecting clients’ rights and reputation

Many people accused of child sex abuse feel that criminal proceedings are in vain, as the response to these criminal charges is to assume guilt, even when the law presumes innocence. And the aftermath of even the suggestion of sex abuse against a child can be devastating. In some cases, those accused lose their jobs and face ridicule and aggression from people in the community — they are already treated as if they have been tried and convicted. When you face such serious charges, you need compassionate and dedicated defense, which we at the Law Offices of Melvin S. Nash can provide.

Allegations of sexual abuse of a child are sensitive matters that require legal counsel from attorneys with extensive experience in this area of practice. Understanding what you stand to lose if convicted of such a crime, our skilled defense lawyers will try to get the charges reduced enough to keep you out of jail and off the sex offender registry or otherwise achieve the optimal outcome for your case.

Types of sexual abuse

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that 3,358,000 children in the US were abused or maltreated, and 8.4 percent were sexually abused — approximately 282,000 kids.

Any sexual conduct toward a child is harmful to the child’s mental, emotional, and physical welfare. Children are young, innocent, and impressionable, and could interpret behaviors from an adult to be threatening, rejecting, or otherwise inappropriately sexual in nature. The state must treat any concerns about sexual abuse of children as valid and investigate them as such. Sometimes the result is criminal charges, even when the adult in question had no nefarious intent.

Our law firm has represented many clients facing child abuse allegations, including sexual abuse by the following:

  • Relatives
  • Professionals
  • Teachers, school administrators or coaches
  • Officials with authority
  • Negligent security

Sometimes just the accusation is enough to redirect your life for the worse. Only with strong legal representation can you clear your name and regain your standing in the community.

Sharp legal acumen is your best defense when facing child sex abuse litigation

Attorney Melvin S. Nash has spent his four-decade-long legal career as a judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney on serious cases like this. He understands how the prosecution operates and the tactics they use when building their case on the shoulder of a single eyewitness. Because of this, he also knows how to dissect the prosecution’s accusations one by one.

If you face these serious charges, our attorneys thoroughly investigate every detail of your case to construct a strong defense to best protect your rights. Our goal for every client is to keep them off of the sex offender registry and avoid the severe and embarrassing impacts to employment, housing, and other penalties that come with a sex crime conviction.

Contact an established sex crimes defense attorney serving Marietta and metro Atlanta

Significant penalties and loss of liberty await those who delay obtaining experienced legal counsel when they are charged with child sexual abuse. Remember that you have the right to a lawyer and the right to defend yourself against these and all criminal allegations — and that you are innocent until proven guilty. Call the Law Offices of Melvin S. Nash at 770.422.0878 to learn more, or contact our office online to schedule a free initial consultation. We have six locations throughout metro Atlanta to serve your needs.


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