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Serving Clients in Georgia Over 40 Years
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Child abuse is viewed as one of the worst crimes in our society, and trying to defend yourself against criminal child abuse claims may seem hopeless. After 40 years of practicing law, we at the Law Offices of Melvin S. Nash have seen it all. We know that accidents happen, that false allegations are made, that many factors affect the evidence in a case, and that, sometimes, adults act poorly in situations with minors present. Child abuse charges are complex and very serious, and therefore difficult to combat alone. That’s why you need experienced criminal defense lawyers to look into every aspect of your case, to find the best way to mount a judgment-free defense on your behalf.

Types of child abuse

In 2011, more than 21,000 children in Georgia endured maltreatment such as abuse and neglect by their caregivers, according to the Georgia Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.

Concerns about abuse are often raised when a child displays visible bruising or frequent broken or sprained limbs. But in the types of child abuse listed below, effects are not always immediately visible:

  • Physical abuse — Intentional and nonaccidental physical harm of a child; the most common type of child abuse
  • Psychological abuse or emotional abuse — Unachievable expectations or demands of a child and excessive pushing of the child toward those ends, often by shaming, terrorizing, rejecting, and/or withholding affection or physical contact
  • Sexual abuse — Any means of exploiting a child for the sexual gratification of an older child or adult; includes all inappropriate sexual contact, as well as non-contact actions (such as indecent exposure)
  • Medical neglect — Failure to provide proper medical, dental, or psychiatric healthcare to a child in need of it, particularly if a serious injury or illness is present or results
  • Neglect — Failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education for a child; constituting 58 percent of all maltreatments against children in 2011

Owning, distributing, or creating child pornography is considered child abuse, which could result in criminal child sex abuse litigation as well as civil charges.

Anyone put in charge of children or those in any position of responsibility for children’s safety or well-being may be at risk for accusations of child abuse. Our firm has represented coaches, teachers, club and activity leaders, church leaders and youth pastors, caretakers and babysitters, relatives (stepparents, stepsiblings, grandparents, foster parents), and a host of others who have been entrusted to watch over kids. We understand the seriousness of child abuse allegations, and we are committed to helping clients obtain justice through the legal system.

Lasting effects of a child abuse conviction

As of July 1, 2016, the Georgia Division of Youth and Family Services is required by state law to keep a list of those involved in substantiated abuse and neglect cases —  it’s known as the Child Abuse Registry. While this list is not as readily available as the information on the sex offender registry, many different individuals or groups may submit a request for the information. Inclusion on this list can affect your employment, your professional licensing as a caregiver, and your ability to adopt or foster children in the future.

The best way to avoid the serious penalties of a conviction is with support from a skilled defense lawyer who can help you secure an acquittal, have charges dropped, or mitigate any negative impact that may result from your case. Our attorneys can also help you if any related civil litigation arises.

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